it's in my backpack

by buster

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released September 2, 2016

Alek, Connor, Jeff

Recording & Mixing by Tom Kelly and Kieran Ferris
Mastered by Nick Myers



all rights reserved


buster Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: dreefee
Nothing changes in my thick,
my thick skull,
while outside
searching for fish in this rich mud.

The river bends,
but I’m too ignorant to accept that.
Where’d ya go?

I am honest. I am honest most of time.

It doesn’t matter,
sometimes we all just get caught up in the tide.
I’ll come find you,
if that’s what you want.

It doesn’t matter,
sometimes we all just get tied down.
I’ll come find you,
if that’s what you want.
Track Name: plastic tuba
She’s got Edo eyes
and a pocket full of throwing knives.
She smells funny sometimes,
but I don’t mind.
Naw, I don’t mind

I float through a plastic tuba. I float through a plastic tuba.

Tell me where you wanna go
and I will follow
anywhere as long as there’s
a pot of gold.
Naw, I’m just playing,
you know I don’t care
about anything.

Cause I’m floating through your plastic tuba.
Yeah I float through your plastic tuba.
Track Name: hermit crab
You think it fits, but you’re all tired.
It’ll take all night for us to find
a better reason or a simple lie.
You don’t deserve this. Neither do I.

And I will crawl into my hole
and surround myself with what I know.
And it won’t matter if they don’t care.
If you don’t get it, I’m outta here.


I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to think
that I’m doing it alright. I’m feeling so in sync.
Got my focus on inside, ignoring everything
that pushes from outside. Now is not the time
to worry about how it should’ve gone, or how we should’ve felt.
Now it is the way it is and I just go and go.

Track Name: all i wanna do is draw
All I wanna do is draw.
I wanna go to the ocean
where all of the fishes are
and get all the water that I can.

I don’t wanna meet anyone else;
I’m fine hanging with Quistis and the ‘Zells.
Track Name: summer sucks
Love songs. Pop!
And then you don’t.
I refuse to do what I won’t.

And then sometimes, naw, definitely all
of the time, I just get caught in the open air.

Words fall out
and then I come down.
Can I just crawl into the background now?

And then sometimes, naw, definitely all
of the time, I just get caught in the open air.
Track Name: pasta
It only smells like pasta
when I forget that you aren’t around.
I keep rewashing all the dishes.
I’m smoking soap suds.
I’m smoking you out.

I finally cleaned off the counter,
but all the sauce stains well they just stayed.
They laid claim to their positions,
“Never give up! Never fade!”
Track Name: goblin cop
I live in contrast, to that which I hold fast. It's becoming a problem. I'm becoming a goblin.
Track Name: molda
I think I wanna live alone,
until I see my friend
learning how to roller-skate.
She’s got blood-stained holes
in the knees of her jeans
and I no longer feel out of place.

I think I wanna clean her legs, so long as that’s okay.

There’s a pocket of the world inside of her coat,
which she ensures is no concern of mine.
But every time she sings there smoke caught in her throat
and I, of course, know she’s lying.

But I still wanna clean her legs, if that’s okay.

Molda was a good dog,
he always used to let me know
when to howl at the moon.
But now he’s drowning in a river,
somewhere around Russia,
I'll be seeing him soon.